The Arts Programme with Ursula Ledwith 13/03/24

On The Arts Programme this week, Ursula Ledwith is joined by Cllr. Gerald Farrell, Ballymahon Municipal District, Lee Williamson, Creative Director of Shuttermaniac Productions, and Liam Kavanagh, Fabworx LTD, Ballymahon joined Ursula from Uzbekistan, chatting about the new Art Sculpture, “The Lansborough Flame”, recognising Bord na Mona and ESB contribution to the town of Lansborough, and Will Keane, a Farmer, photographer, Musician and Creator of Sixmilesof walking, and a leader in the yes vote in The Marriage Referendum and shares his story with
Journalist and Presenter Charlie Bird and the Film and Book “A Day in May”, which was published.