Kilbride: Re-energising a Community in Rural Ireland

Kilbride: Re-energising a Community in Rural Ireland, focuses on a community which is representative of many rural Irish communities and their shared experience of decline. The parish consists of the main areas of Fourmilehouse and Derrane.
Though a thriving area up until the 1970’s, the next decade brought change as the population decreased leading to School, Shop and pub closures in the community. With the downward spiral of community life threatening the social fibre of the area, the People of Kilbride saw that something had to be done to save their treasured way of life. This programme documents the actions of the people of the Parish and the subsequent re-birth of this community.
The documentary features interviews with Vera Ayres, Tom Burke, Stephen Banaghan, Mary Ganley, Karen Feerick, Jackie Murphy, Timmy Donnelly, Margaret Beirne, Fr. Browne, Izidro & Celia Ribas and Bernie Kearney.