Entrepreneur Rosalidia Dubon Interview

Let’s Talk Business host Susan Smyth chats with Entrepreneur Rosalidia Dubon about growing up in Honduras, moving to Los Angeles, managing a painting company, going solo in business, her companies Dubon Consulting and FitNFabs, if women have it tougher in business and advice to entrepreneurs.

About the Host
Susan Smyth is a successful Entrepreneur based in Ireland but also working globally. Susan cut her teeth in the IT Industry and started programming at age five. With retail outlets, a wholesale business, property investments and a radio show/podcast, Susan is now connecting entrepreneurs from all over the world to share their stories and personal experiences. As a tech person, Susan’s podcasts also include the latest tech innovations and a dedicated slot for gamers and techies alike. Podcasts available on all major platforms including Apple, Spotify and Google Play.

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